This is a website that gathers quality musical projects having as base the Handpan. Two projects are currently making part of this.

A short description of both follows.


Mandala UniverseMandakini is a musical project having as a starting point, the Handpan. A young melodic steel percussion instrument that has been invented only in the beginning of the 21st century but its already establishing itself as one of the most pleasant ones to hear. The sounds produced provide relaxation and induce calmness to the listener. The combination of hand played rhythms and melody create an amazing sound journey that invites everyone to tune into its frequency.








The Berlin based PanDub duo brings on stage a live performance combining percussive harmonic beats and acoustic illusions.

Blending Genres that go from Reggae, Dub, Ethnic, Electro-Folk, Progressive Chillout, Ambient, Recreational and endless inspiration sources.

Several different instruments come into play from, Handpan, Flutes, Melodica, to Percussions, Sax, Voices, and a lot more sound textures.

Jamming is one of the key words of this project which means there is always something different and unexpected being created.

Rehearsal #1 —->  Hear it here

Rehearsal #2—->  Hear it here

Rehearsal #3—> Hear it here

Rehearsal #4—> Here it here